What is a Member?

At SwayDM, being a Member means joining a vibrant community where your engagement can help you feel more connected. Not to mention, you earn some sweet rewards from businesses in your area. So, what exactly does it mean to be a Member, and how can you become a SwayDM superstar? Let’s dive in!

What to Do:

As a Member, your first step is to explore, which means engaging with messages and content from local businesses on the app. You can do this by following businesses you are interested in and checking your conversation list for new messages. The more businesses you follow, the more you can get rewarded, so be sure to follow several accounts! Don’t forget to browse the Redemptions tab, where you can find discounts, charity fundraisers, and other offers from businesses near you that you can redeem using your earned SwayCash.

What to Expect:

Expect to be rewarded! On SwayDM, your engagement doesn’t go unnoticed. You earn SwayCash with every interaction, which you can redeem for exciting discounts and make charitable donations. Stay updated with personalized recommendations tailored to your interests. 

How to Be a Superstar:

Stay Active

Regular engagement is key. Make it a habit to check in daily, explore new content, and interact with messages from businesses.

Engage Authentically

Genuine interactions help you learn more about the businesses near you and in turn, earn more SwayCash. Answer questions thoughtfully and provide meaningful feedback.

Earn Rewards

Use your SwayCash to unlock exclusive offers and support your favorite charities. The more you engage, the more you earn, and the more benefits you can enjoy.

Stay Informed

Keep up with platform updates and new features. Participate in surveys and provide feedback to help improve the community.

Being a Member on SwayDM is your ticket to a rewarding and engaging experience that connects you to local businesses closer than ever before. Embrace the opportunities, connect with businesses, and watch your rewards grow. Start today and become the SwayDM superstar you’re meant to be!

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