Understanding SwayDM’s Currency

Welcome to SwayDM, where engagement is rewarding! Our unique currency system, SwayCash, is designed to enhance your experience and provide tangible benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about SwayCash, Redemptions, and how they interact.

What is SwayCash?

SwayCash is the virtual currency on SwayDM that you earn through your interactions and engagement with the platform. It’s a way to reward you for engaging with our community and to enhance your experience as a valued Member. The more you engage, the more SwayCash you accumulate.

How Do I Earn SwayCash?

Earning SwayCash is simple and fun, here are some ways you can accumulate SwayCash:

  • Respond to Messages: Answer multiple-choice questions from followed businesses to earn $0.50SC each message.
  • Daily Dime: Collect a guaranteed $0.10SC every day in the morning and afternoon by engaging with the Daily Dime which mostly consists of trivia and research questions.
  • Referrals: Share your QR code or referral link and have a friend or family member sign up to earn $10SC each. 

What Can I Spend SwayCash On?

Your hard-earned SwayCash can be spent on a variety of exciting rewards through our Redemptions. Here’s what you can use your SwayCash for:

  1. Redemptions: Redeem SwayCash for discounts on products and services from local businesses. Save money while discovering new favorites.
  2. Charity Donations: Support your favorite charities by donating SwayCash. The Vendor offering the Redemption will match your SwayCash with real cash that then gets donated to the charity organization. Make a difference in your community and beyond!
  3. Special Offers: Unlock special offers and deals available only to SwayDM members. Watch out for these offers through the platform!

How Do SwayCash and Redemptions Work Together?

SwayCash and Redemptions are designed to provide a seamless and rewarding experience. As you interact with content and earn SwayCash, you can explore the Redemptions section to see what rewards are available. Simply choose a redemption that interests you and use your SwayCash to redeem it at that business’s location.

Start Earning and Redeeming Today!

Engage with messages, earn SwayCash, and enjoy the benefits of being an active member. Whether you’re looking to save money, support a cause, or unlock special deals, SwayCash and Redemptions have you covered. Dive in and start making the most of your SwayDM experience today!

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