How Does Sway Work?

SwayDM connects small businesses and organizations with people in their communities. Locals can support their community while earning loyalty points called SwayCash. SwayCash can be exchanged for discounts at stores or donated to a cause through Redemptions.

A business, or Vendor, uses SwayDM to send messages and offer discounts to residents who we refer to as Members. Members follow their favorite businesses in the area, and once they do, they will begin to receive messages from them. These messages can be market research questions, business updates, or even photos of new inventory, it could be anything!

Once a Member receives a message from a Vendor, they have 48 hours to interact with the message to earn SwayCash.

Members use SwayDM to:

  • Stay up to date with the latest up-and-coming businesses
  • Exchange SwayCash they earn for exclusive discounts
  • Use SwayCash to donate to local charities

Vendors use SwayDM to:

  • Reach the people who matter most
  • Gain brand recognition and drive traffic to their store
  • Receive business insights that inform their business strategy

Not all businesses on SwayDM offer discounts. Some Vendors host fundraisers we call Charity Redemptions. For example, Complete Home Furnishings (a real Vendor on our platform) is hosting a fundraiser for a local high school sports team. They have committed to donating $500 towards a new locker room and Members can help!

At SwayDM, it is not only our mission to provide a place for small businesses and locals to connect but also to help support the community with charities like the one above.

Interested in joining SwayDM? Whether you’re a small business or a local resident, reach out to for more information.
Please note that SwayDM is only available in specific regions of Ohio for the time being. To know when SwayDM will be in your area, keep tabs on our website and our Instagram account.

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