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Direct Messages that Work as Hard as You Do

Ordinary DMs cost you time, but SwayDM™ pays you to answer DMs that matter most.

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SwayDM isn’t another social media app, so what is it?

SwayDM is a messaging tool that helps you filter through the noise of your messaging while earning money. When we’re constantly accessible, we become inaccessible to important moments. Gain control of your direct messages and connect with those who matter most.

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Get Paid to Engage

Earn money by continuing to answer messages like you already do.

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Connect with Followers

Grow your community by creating one-on-one connections with followers.

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Take Control of Your DMs

Your direct messages are an extension of your brand. Don’t let them control you.

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Capture the Value of Your Attention

Focus only on the people and the messages that matter to you.

How SwayDM Works
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Create a SwayDM profile and set your messaging prices.

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Share your SwayDM link anywhere people find you online – and encourage them to "SwayDM" you.

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Get paid for viewing and responding to messages.