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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have questions? We have answers.

What is SwayDM?

SwayDM is a direct messaging platform where fans can pay to connect with someone directly, allowing users to earn income for their time spent viewing and responding to messages. This one-of-a-kind DM communication cuts through the clutter of junk messages, allowing users to focus on supporters who value their time and talent the most.

For Earners, SwayDM allows you to control your time and talent with an exclusive messaging system between you and your followers. This allows Payers to finally connect 1:1 with their favorite influencer or content creator, with peace of mind they will receive a guaranteed reply. No more sending DMs into the void!

As an Earner, you get to decide how much to charge for users to receive a direct message from you. SwayDM uses a secure platform that allows fans to load their wallets in order to pay you each time a user sends you a message. You can also adjust your message pricing (or remove it altogether) for individual conversations.

SwayDM is free to join! There are no monthly costs, contracts, or hidden fees. Payers do need to load their wallets with a credit card when creating an account in order to send messages through the platform.

SwayDM is for everyone who wants to connect with their favorite content creator, thought leader, or social media influencer. It is an all-inclusive community and the possibilities and benefits of SwayDM are limitless!

Absolutely! You can promote your SwayDM profile on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, your website - anywhere you want to connect with your core audience. This is how your followers can DM you and sign-up for an account to message you. You do not “connect” anything from SwayDM to these profiles, but you will want to share your profile link on your link in bio or links page - if you have one.

No, your security is our top priority and all personal information is protected by SwayDM.

You can add anything that showcases your personality; social media links, your website, a profile photo (we recommend a headshot), and a bio are all helpful optimizations you can make. We have added the ability to add unlimited links to your profile so that you can use it as a link in bio page, allowing you to promote all of the different channels you're on and businesses you work with if you'd like.

SwayDM does not have to replace your other social media inboxes, although we did create it with a vision of allowing people to gate their inbox & save time checking messages. We believe everyone's time is valuable and we know how flooded DMs can get, making it hard to sort through the spam and get to real messages. Our mission is to help people connect 1:1 and build authentic relationships, allowing Earners to monetize their time spent responding to messages.

For technical support, send us an email at For tips and best practices using SwayDM, check out our blog.

If you're an Earner interested in being an ambassador for SwayDM, please email us at explaining what you love about the platform and why you think you would be a good fit to join our team of awesome ambassadors.