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About SwayDM

SwayDM was born as the result of our own frustration with modern messaging. We felt overwhelmed by the volume of daily messages we received on social media and email, and powerless because other people controlled our attention. That's why we took matters into our own hands.

Our mission is to serve people who value their attention, providing tools to control their messaging and accessibility to the world. Win back your time and attention with SwayDM.

Our Team

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Prateek Kumar

Head of Product

Prateek is SwayDM's first employee. Prior to SwayDM, he worked at OpenTable, SurveyMonkey, and startups (one acquired by Autodesk). His interests include snowboarding, hockey, reading, and training his hyper dog.

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Jon Tewksbury

Senior Software Engineer

Jon is a Sr. Software Engineer focused on SwayDM's frontend (user interface). He has experience building companies from the ground up (second employee of previous startup) as well as working in large orgs (post-acquisition of that startup).

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Andy Glassman

Senior Software Engineer

Andy has a background in designing and delivering scalable software at FedEx (logistics), Watermark Insights (higher ed), and (media collaboration). He enjoys camping and scouting with his kids, biking, and playing board games.

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Katie Bradley

Head of Marketing

Katie has over a decade of marketing experience, including branding, strategy, SEO, data analytics, and website design & development. She is a mentor with Women in Tech SEO and is an active member of Women in Analytics in Columbus, OH. Outside of work, she enjoys live music, hiking, and travel.

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Makayla Staaf

Lead Recruiter and Coach

Makayla has a background in inbound and outbound lead management, as well as marketing strategy and sales. In her free time, she's an avid solo traveler who has been to 12 countries and 12 national parks in the last 5 years.

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Our Advisors

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Pamela Springer


Pamela is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and has been recognized as one of the “13 Powerful Women Running Today’s Biggest Startups” by Business Insider and was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Technology for the Central Region. Pam enjoys sports, playing music and hiking.

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Brian McClendon

SVP of Engineering at Niantic

Brian McClendon is a Research Professor at the University of Kansas. For 15 years, he was a Vice President with Google and led the entire Geo business unit building Google Maps, Street View and Google Earth.

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