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You Make the Rules with SwayDM

With SwayDM, you control when and how people can send you direct messages. Check out the features below to learn how you can customize your SwayDM experience to fit your unique needs.

Name Your Price

SwayDM enables you to set the price others must pay to receive a DM from you. If you get a lot of inbound messages, then you know that there is never enough time in the day to read and respond to them all. By setting a price for others to start a conversation with you, it can ensure that you are only receiving messages from people who really want to reach you, or have something important to talk to you about.

We typically recommend starting at $1-$3 a message, then adjusting as needed. If you still get too many messages after setting a lower price initially, consider increasing your rate. This will ensure you are paid for the time and attention you give to responding to DM’s.

Simply navigate to the Earn tab ($) and adjust your price per view and/or reply under “Manage Pricing.”

TIP: Start with a low public-facing price per DM, and increase or decrease the price if needed until you are happy with the volume of messages you are receiving.

Screenshot of the Earn tab in SwayDM where users can adjust their price per DM

Adjust Your Price

Having a high price to start a conversation is good for weeding out the spam, but what about adjusting your rate for ongoing conversations? SwayDM allows you to adjust your pricing per individual conversation at any time! This means that you can adjust the pricing for a particular person if they are sending you longer messages that require more time or effort to respond to. This flexibility helps you keep quality conversations going while ensuring your time is valued.

TIP: For close friends or business partners, you can even turn off payments under those particular conversations.

Here, you can see I am able to adjust the cost Buzz Granger pays when messaging me. I can also easily turn payments off altogether:

Screenshot of a SwayDM account adjusting pricing for an individual conversation
Screenshot of a SwayDM account turning off payments for an individual conversation

Custom Image / Video Settings

With SwayDM, you can now easily share image and video attachments with your messages. To keep our users protected, we built in a few features that will put you in control of when you can receive messages with attachments.

Default Settings

When someone starts a conversation with you, your default settings under “Account Settings” will determine if they can send you image or video attachments.

If “Accept Media by Default” is checked, then people who start a conversation with you will be able to send you images and videos after your first response:

Screenshot of a SwayDM account settings showing a user how to turn on "accept media by default" setting

If this option is not checked, the person trying to send you an attachment will see this notification that you are not accepting media, and the only way they can send you images and videos is if you allow it in that particular conversation:

Conversation Specific Settings

When a new person starts a conversation with you, we don’t let them attach images or videos by default as we value your privacy. You must first respond to a message they send you before they are allowed to send you images or videos. This puts the control of what you see in your inbox into your hands.

When you have the “Accept Media by Default” setting on, this is what new users will see when they first message you and try to send you images, or videos.

More Controls and Features to Come

At SwayDM, we’re always thinking of new ways we can help users create the perfect inbox for their needs. We hope these features will allow you to customize pricing and messaging attachments as you see fit.

Have other ideas for how you want to use SwayDM? Send them to us at, or sway me!

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