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Why Should You Use SwayDM to Manage Your Direct Messages?

SwayDM is a game-changer in the DM world! Influencers, content creators, small businesses, and thought leaders can now control their digital messages using our revolutionary platform.

It’s not time-efficient or cost-effective to respond to every single message from across all of your social media apps. SwayDM lets you prioritize and monetize your DMs and puts you in control over your messages. 

We developed SwayDM for anyone who gets flooded with direct messages (DM’s). Most DM apps don’t give users much control over their incoming messages, so anyone can send you a message and it can take time just to filter through the junk to get to your important messages.

This easy-to-read blog post tells you everything you need to know about the benefits of SwayDM for Earners:

What Makes SwayDM Special?

If you’re tired of spending time sorting through your direct messages, use SwayDM to manage your digital inbox. Most DM apps cost you time and money because there’s no way to filter through to the messages you want. With SwayDM, you have the power to prioritize and monetize your messages

No one can afford to give away their expertise for free all the time, but when you spend hours every week answering messages that don’t add to your bottom line, that’s what you’re doing. 

Influencers, brand ambassadors, content creators – anyone who brings value to their communication with followers – should use SwayDM. You don’t have to drop your other DM apps, but you can funnel your messages to the only app that compensates you for your time and experience. 

Earn with Every Response 

Social media influencers and content creators love using SwayDM because they can make money with every message response. Followers and fans like using SwayDM because they get a guaranteed response from their favorite influencer or creator who they may not be able to reach on other DM apps.

You set your own rates for incoming messages and can even adjust your rate for individual conversations. 

Before someone can message you through SwayDM, they must create an account and set up a wallet. When you add up all the followers who message you for free every day, you could earn serious money over time with followers messaging you through SwayDM instead, even if you only charge a dollar or two per message. And your time is valuable, so why shouldn’t you get paid for it? 

As a SwayDM Earner, you decide how much you charge for views and replies 

Although it’s up to you, here are some factors to consider when setting your rates:

  • Offer a lower introductory rate ($1-2 per message) to build a loyal user base
  • Adjust your price at any point, either per convo or even waiving it per message if you want!
  • List the types of things your fans can message you about if you want to be contacted for something specific, such as advice, fashion tips, career coaching, or whatever you’d like!

Make SwayDM Your Go-To DM App

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SwayDM is the only DM platform that pays you to respond to the messages that matter most. You can keep your other social media DMs open for friends, but direct followers to your SwayDM. If they want a guaranteed response, they’ll sign up for SwayDM and message you there. You can even apply a default message in your link in bio or have one saved that you use to reply to new, incoming messages. 

There are so many reasons why making SwayDM your go-to digital inbox is a smart business move!

Earn with every message

If someone really values your time, expertise, and guidance, they’ll be happy to pay a small price for 1:1 contact with their favorite influencer or person whose time and opinion they value. As a SwayDM Earner, you decide how much to charge followers for a guaranteed response and if you decide to not respond to a new message, the person who sent it will not be charged.

Prioritze your messages

Social media is great for staying in touch with your friends and promoting your brand, but can easily overflow with messages from people asking for your advice, help, or attention. There’s no way to prioritize these messages, so you may wind up spending more time trying to determine if they’re valuable rather than responding to them. It gets to the point where your DM inbox controls you, not the other way around. 

Reduce spam and junk messages

SwayDM is currently an invite-only app that connects earners and payers in a direct, secure platform. You’ll dramatically reduce junk messages since someone will have to go through the effort of creating an account and loading a wallet to reach you, giving you more time to connect with the people who matter the most to you. 

Give your followers, fans, and customers 1:1 contact

Being connected through social media has never been more important. SwayDM allows you and your followers to enjoy 1:1 contact, guaranteed response, and a secure messaging platform. 

Boost your digital marketing

SwayDM is a value-added marketing component for small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can use SwayDM to increase loyalty by guaranteeing a prompt, 1:1 response. 

Replace Your Money-Burning DMs with Money-Earning SwayDMs

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SwayDM elevates your social media profile by letting you focus on your core audience. It has the added benefit of using it as a link in bio page, where you can add links to all your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok), Shopify store, your website, etc. 

Share your SwayDM profile and advertise to fans and potential Payers to “SwayDM” you, letting them know this is the best way to connect with you. This will give you more control over direct messages and you can even get rid of the pressure to respond to other DMs if you have the SwayDM link and call to action on your social media bios.

“Reach me on SwayDM!”

If you want to make SwayDM your default method of DM communication, create a saved auto-reply that lets followers sign up to send you a SwayDM, like this:

“Thanks for your message! I receive a lot of DMs and can only guarantee you a response through SwayDM. Here’s my profile if you want to shoot me a message.” 

Add your SwayDM to your profile everywhere you promote your brand:

  • Your email signature
  • Website
  • Online Ads
  • Add to bio or as a link on Twitch, Reddit, TikToK, Whatsapp, etc
  • Instagram stories using the link sticker or swipe-up feature

SwayDM 101

SwayDM is a one-of-a-kind DM app that’s for anyone who wants to prioritize and monetize their digital inbox or connect with people in a 1:1 setting. Earners – influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and others – can finally take charge of their inboxes and monetize their messages.  Payers get guaranteed replies in an intimate conversation with their favorite online personalities, thought leaders, and creators, building real, authentic relationships.

Request an Invite!

SwayDM is a new platform and we’re working to add and expand our features. Our community of earners and payers is growing!  If you or someone you know wants to earn money using our DM app, request an invite. 

Click here to request an invite for SwayDM

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