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Have You Heard About the New Paid Messaging App, SwayDM?

What is SwayDM?

Easily monetize and prioritize your time and talent with the SwayDM paid messaging app

What if you could get paid to respond to the direct messages (DMs) from your target audience? SwayDM is a revolutionary messaging platform that lets you:

  • Filter out the junk messages that waste your valuable time and resources 
  • Connect with the people who genuinely support you and are willing to pay to ensure a direct connection
  • Strengthen your brand by prioritizing and monetizing the personal engagement people crave
  • Earn while you do what you do best: Engage with your supporters, followers, and clients

Our one-of-a-kind direct messaging platform cuts through the clutter to focus on authentic interaction with your core audience. In a world of constant online access, SwayDM is a communication gatekeeper that lets you monetize your time and attention. With SwayDM, you ensure that you’re spending your time wisely by communicating primarily with those who value your service and attention.

According to data from Insider Intelligence, the average American spends at least 24 minutes on direct messaging apps every day. This lost time doesn’t include other communication demands, like emails, texts, and phone calls. And when you consider how many junk messages most of us receive, you’re radically diluting the value of your time and talent. 

Why Use SwayDM for Your Direct Messaging?

Benefits of Using SwayDM

Add value to your unique service, product, or brand with SwayDM. Unlike most private or direct messaging apps, SwayDM helps you:

  • Increase your productivity by focusing on the messages that matter
  • Filter out time-wasting and space-absorbing junk messages
  • Connect with your favorite vendor, content creator, influencer, or knowledge expert
  • Get paid to respond to messages from a curated audience
  • Give loyal or consistent followers exclusive access with a guaranteed reply
Time is Money so consider using our paid messaging app to get paid for responding to DMs

The benefit of this pay-to-use service is quickly capturing the attention of content creators everywhere. 

Who Can Use SwayDM for Paid Messaging?

SwayDM is currently an invite-only direct messaging platform with two types of users: Earners and Payers.

  • Earners include influencers, ambassadors, content creators, businesses, experts, and entrepreneurs
  • Payers join through Earner invites and can message other users for free, or become Earners themselves if they want

As a Payer, after clicking on a profile of someone you want to contact, all you have to do is add your payment method of choice and load your wallet to SwayDM them! 

SwayDM Earner Benefits

As a SwayDM Earner, you can:

  • Increase reach, followers, and engagement across all your social channels
  • Enhance audience, client, and follower loyalty with exclusive access and guaranteed replies
  • Explore opportunities to expand or diversify your brand through targeted communication
  • Focus marketing efforts on reaching your ideal client or follower audience

SwayDM Payer Benefits

As a SwayDM Payer, you can:

  • Directly message your favorite content creator, influencer, or thought leader
  • Get a guaranteed reply without fear that your message is lost or sent to a junk folder
  • Connect with like-minded SwayDM users
  • Enjoy secure, private messaging and wallet options

How to Create a SwayDM Account

To maintain the highest standards of integrity and security, the SwayDM team reviews each Earner’s request. 

  1. Submit this request form to get exclusive access to our platform
  2. If approved, you’ll have an email to register for SwayDM and set up your Earner profile

3 Ways to Optimize Your SwayDM Profile

1) Create an Enticing Profile

SwayDM elevates your social media profile by letting you focus on your core audience. You can add links to all your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) and your website. You can then share your SwayDM profile and advertise to potential Payers to “SwayDM” you, letting them know this is the best way to connect with you. 

profile page with social media link buttons

2) Set Messaging Rates

As a SwayDM Earner, you decide how much you charge for views and replies. Although it’s up to you, here are some factors to consider when setting your rates:

  • Offer a lower introductory rate to build a loyal user base
  • Payers are more likely to spend $1-2 at first, but you can adjust your price for each conversation
  • List the types of things they can message you about if you want to be contacted for something specific, such as advice, fashion tips, career coaching, or whatever you’d like!

3) Share Your Profile across your social media accounts

Copy your profile link and send it to your friends and followers, or add it directly to your social media pages. You could also take a screenshot of your SwayDM profile and share it as a story with a link to your SwayDM profile to let users know they can message you there for a guaranteed reply.

Reach More & Earn More with the SwayDM Paid Messaging App

SwayDM is a revolutionary direct messaging platform that pays you to answer messages from supporters who genuinely value YOU. Free direct messaging programs can flood your inbox with junk and dead-end messages, making it impossible to see the valid messages or potential collaboration offers with brands. SwayDM lets you prioritize and monetize the time you spend communicating with your key audience. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Get paid to answer messages from individuals with whom you want to connect
  • Filter your messages to stop wasting time, money, and value
  • Strengthen relationships with Earners, Payers, followers, and fans
  • Appeal directly to your ideal fanbase
  • Improve visibility and reach through the growing SwayDM network of Earners and Payers

Join SwayDM Today

Ready to make money answering messages instead of losing money on junk? Click here to request an invite and gain exclusive access to SwayDM.

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