How Creators and Brands Can Leverage Popular Topics

Introducing: the Creator Economy

The internet is always offering new ways to consume content and is changing faster than ever. Blink and you could miss the opportunity of a lifetime to promote yourself or your business.

Your favorite creators obviously have their eyes peeled and are constantly exploring new ways to attract organic growth. We’ve watched them help platforms explode into popularity through viral YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and yes, even that TikTok dance video you can’t help but love! 

While it’s easier than ever to get discovered using social media, it’s not easy to create unique content, curate a loyal following, and get PAID to do so. It may seem like a dream job, but their work is no joke.

The Creator Economy & Trending Topics

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Believe it or not, creators do have a life outside of the 10-second clip you just watched on your phone. Their wide-reaching influence has a very real impact not only on the people who consume their content for entertainment but for brands and even other creators too – all a part of today’s “creator economy.”

This relatively new term refers to over 50 million creators  (think YouTubers, TikTokers, bloggers, etc.) who’ve crafted content they’re passionate about and earned a following from it.

More importantly, the creator economy also includes the platforms and tools that enable them to earn money from their work, including SwayDM. Here are a few more tools, courtesy of!

Sounds like a sweet gig, right?

Thankfully, it is possible to join the ranks of those top-earning creators, although it does require quite a bit of creativity and planning. Let’s dive into the latest Twitter Trends to see which trending topics matter most in the online world — and how creators and brands can leverage them.

Trending Topics are the Key to Success

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The internet is a diverse universe filled with planets of discussion around a variety of topics, yet it can be difficult to pinpoint which conversations are most popular or relevant.

Thankfully, Twitter has us covered!

As the name suggests, the Twitter Trends Report is the result of a deep analysis covering billions of tweets over a two-year period. The purpose is simple: To discover what people are talking about most and why.

So, what were the most popular topics in the last 24 months? They can be sorted into these 6 buckets:

1. Well-being 

2. Creator Culture

3. Everyday Wonder

4. One Planet

5. Tech Life

6. My Identity

We could dedicate an entire article to each of these topics, but we’ll narrow it down to a few key takeaways that creators and brands can leverage moving forward. 

1. Creator Opportunities are Booming

There’s likely not a single person in your life who doesn’t consume some sort of digital media. At this point, we’d even bet your grandma spends a few hours of her week browsing the likes of Facebook or YouTube.

While it’s entertainment for most, “content creator” has the potential to be a full-time career for some. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts have revived viewers’ thirst for content, earning creators like Alyssa McKay and Addison Rae hundreds of thousands of subscribers in just a few months.

To put it simply, the creator economy isn’t going anywhere. Content is and always will be “king”. 

2. Well-being Matters

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Following the pandemic, the importance of well-being has grown significantly, with an increase of 25% in conversations around fitness and health in relation to COVID-19.

And the need for well-being doesn’t just disappear when we log onto our favorite platform to consume content. In fact, “digital detoxes” are a rising solution for many, as the need to be online 24/7 has been linked to conditions like depression and anxiety in adults.  

Fortunately, this is clearly one of those trending topics with real-world impacts, as we’re already seeing a rise in digital health resources like BetterHelp that make access to mental health services more flexible and accessible. Services like SwayDM are also helping creators manage large workloads by filtering their inquiries to one simple inbox, rather than leaving them scattered across multiple platforms. 

3. Monetization is Easier than Ever

Ever since platforms like YouTube gave birth to creators and others (like Vine) tried to capitalize on their audiences, creators have also been searching for ways to evaluate their worth and get paid for their time.

Today, there are a variety of platforms that help promote creators, offering incentives for them to create and share content. 

The dream of becoming a full-time creator is achievable and is now a reality for thousands thanks to a rise in entrepreneurialism, backed by a 121% increase in the mentions of “side hustle” on Twitter. Also, platforms like SwayDM enable creators to get paid for responding to messages, allowing them to easily profit from online channels in a just a few clicks.  

How Creators Can Leverage Trending Topics 

We know creators are growing in demand to produce original video content, but who gets to make a living from it might seem like a shot in the dark.  

However, it’s not as mysterious as you would think. Follow these tips to get started:

1. Prepare for the Long Run

No one is an overnight success, even if they pretend like it. It takes time to grow your followers and get your first “viral” video.

And although you don’t need to be a marketing expert, you should prepare for the long game with tools like a content calendar to plan your material in advance. Research what your audience is talking about compared with what the world is talking about (via the trending topics report) and create content that is relevant and timely. Using tools to make a road map and scheduling content will help streamline your efforts and prevent that dreaded social media burnout.

2. Brand Partnerships are Where the Money Is

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Remember, the more engagement you have, the more likely you are to rake in that sweet, sweet partnership money. So, keep your followers active by:

  • Developing an identity for your personal brand. (Are you a hardcore gamer-like Ninja? A relatable, down-to-earth figure like Emma Chamberlain?) Create a personality, tone, and voice for yourself or your brand that others can relate to. 
  • Posting regularly across multiple platforms. Your audience will eventually realize the frequency in which you post and will be expecting new content.
  • Interacting with your followers via comments, TikTok duets, etc.

Once brands see you have a loyal and active following that is engaging with your content, they’ll be fighting one other to slide into your DMs to get in touch with you. 

3. Time is Monetizable 

It’s easier than ever to access the “creator as a business” model, as creators can and should think about ways to monetize their time. Whether that’s through Q&A, live streams, subscription services like Patreon, or paid messaging services such as SwayDM, time is a valuable asset.

How Brands Can Leverage Trending Topics

We’ve talked about how creators are impacting online conversations and content that is consumed worldwide, but that doesn’t mean brands are out of the picture. You can connect with creators and their audiences through the following strategies.

1. Focus on More than “Selling”

Brand-focused marketing material can get old pretty fast. Consumers want to engage with more than just posts about your latest product release, so don’t be afraid to switch it up!

For example, companies like Latermedia have done a great job of diversifying their content by spotlighting creators, sharing resources, creating memes, and more. You can even subvert expectations entirely, like Wendy’s did with its hilarious (and successful) new-age approach to brand tweets.  

2. Return the Favor

Engagement is a two-way street.

Instead of watching from afar, companies like Contra and Duolingo are growing a huge audience on TikTok by duetting/stitching other creators, partnering with influencers like Alex Fasulo to target its niche, joining live streams, and more.

3. Embrace Diversity

When 38% of consumers are more likely to trust brands with diverse advertisements, there’s no reason not to support representation through your content. Consider partnering with creators from various communities and unique perspectives to truly resonate with audiences. 

Check out  Adobe’s ultra-inclusive Instagram feed or Third Love for inspiration!

Final Thoughts 

With the top two trending topics from 2019 to 2021 centered around well-being and the creator economy, it’s clear that companies and creators alike are focused on one thing: authenticity. Fortunately, brand partnerships with creators offer a win-win opportunity, as influencers receive monetary support for their content while increasing a brand’s recognition and audience at the same time. 

As for creators, the chance to make money from your work has never been easier. Although SwayDM is a relatively new platform, we are constantly working to add and expand features that may help your career flourish. If you or anyone you know would like to join our growing community, you can sign-up here to become an earner today! 

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